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"May we be guided by our compassionate hearts rather than our cultural habits." Colleen Patrick-Goudreau


The Scary Reality Of Rodeo

Why rodeo is cruel to animals


Bulls, Horses Shocked at Elgin Stampede Rodeo

2010 Pendleton Rodeo Abuse

Horses Shocked at 2007 Pendleton Rodeo

Horses Shocked at 2010 Pendleton

Bucking the Myth The Cruel Reality of Rodeos

Action for Animals | Oakland
Bucking Tradition

Horse Dying at the Cheyenne Frontiers Day Rodeo

Horse Dying at the Cheyenne Frontiers Day Rodeo

Rodeos Abuse, Maim and Kill Animals

Drone video allegedly captures shocking animal abuse at Chicago area rodeos

Rodeo = Cruelty and Animal Terrorism

Horse breaks neck in rodeo

Rodeo rider charged after video captures animal abuse in Chicago suburb

SHARK Exposes the Cruelty of Barrel Racing

Horses Abused at 2019 Rowell Ranch Rodeo

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